They’re Back

It’s been nearly three years since Andrew and Martin last connected their houses together with electric pipes. So, what have they been up to? Well, you’ll probably find that out in the next episode. In this episode they sit reminiscing like two old men in a care home about past ignominies.

Viral Load

It’s been a very long time since we did a podcast. In fact so long that we kind of forgot how to do it. It is also just as long since we actually spoke to each other with mouths and not WhatsApp. So what you have here is eleven minutes out of a two hour catch up between two old friends. We’ll be back soon with a proper podcast but we hope in the meantime that you will enjoy this little taste. 

Brain Hole

While still searching for a concept for their podcast, Andrew and Martin slap their brains and talk about coffee, vegan pork scratchings, tight crotch flares, rice pudding and baldness caused by the Van Der Valk belt.

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